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Phlebotomy Posted on 9 Jun 2023

Phlebotomy, blood tests, and other pathology services

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust is working to select a future supplier to deliver a single, outsourced pathology service for mid and south Essex.  

Pathology is currently delivered by two services, one covering mid Essex and one covering south Essex, and we believe that bringing these together under one supplier will make it work better.

This will not change where patients access tests, and there will continue to be a variety of pathology services in the community and acute hospitals. 

What is pathology and phlebotomy

Pathology is the study of diseases and their impact on people. Pathologists diagnose disease, mostly through the analysis of tissues, cells, and body fluid samples. Much of their work takes place behind the scenes in areas such as a laboratory. 

Phlebotomy is the taking of blood and is the area of pathology most often experienced by patients.


To help us understand how we can offer the best possible service for both our patients and our staff, we have made a short survey. This should take around five minutes.

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